Bramardi Company History: Passion for Chocolate from 1948!

Bramardi Company History: Passion for Chocolate from 1948!

Have you ever wondered how our Cuneese chocolates were born? To know the origins of one of our most famous products, we have to go back in time, precisely at the end of the 1940s.

It is in this period that Giovanni Bramardi opens his first pastry shop in Cervasca, in the province of Cuneo.
After years of training in Paris, the young pastry chef finally decides to start his own business in his native land and immediately becomes appreciated in the area.

According to a recipe originating in the area, Mr. Bramardi begins to produce the “Cuneesi al rum”, a typical chocolate from Cuneo based on cream mixed with rum.

Compared to the original recipe, however, Giovanni decides to make a change: the meringue wafers present inside the product are eliminated. This practice allows a greater conservation of Cuneese and it makes possible to transport our chocolate to greater distances, without altering the quality and above all the goodness.

In short, it was thanks to this idea that we can now share a traditional and excellent product with the rest of the world!

Subsequently, the efforts and inventiveness of Mr. Bramardi were rewarded by the remarkable success found, which allowed him to expand his business and to create a rich line of Cuneo with over 20 different fillings, all prepared with artisanal method and with a lot of passion.

Bramardi Chocolate

The business then passed to the current owner Franco Beccaria, who keeps the name and quality of the Bramardi Cuneese high with the same dedication.

And now that you know our story, you just have to try in person this extraordinary product, which guarantee Cuneo a special place in the heart of many gourmands!

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