Handmade Traditional Rhum Chocolates

Since 1948, Bramardi has been producing handmade chocolates in full respect of tradition.

The main product of the line is the traditional rhum Cuneese, a typical handmade chocolate of Cuneo composed of a crispy shell of dark chocolate that encloses a soft filling of custard, cocoa and good Rhum.

Origin and tradition of our handmade chocolates

In addition to the traditional Rhum chocolate the range has been enriched over time with twenty types of filling with liquor and without! The processing of this product follows the original Bramardi recipe and the method to make it is the same since 1948.

The peculiarity of the Bramardi Cuneese resides not only in the carefully selected raw materials, but also in its method of production. Bramardi’s chocolates are extruded, not made through moulds, but with an ancient technique handed down from generation to generation

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Dough is placed directly on a chocolate disk and covered with a shower of dark chocolate.
Gianduiotto Bramardi completes the range of the most typical and renowned products of the Piedmont. It is a sublime union of the finest cocoa and one of the best ingredients of the territory: Piedmont IGP hazelnuts. Bramardi gianduiotto is not dripping in the molds, but our pastry chefs get a dough that once extruded thickens without losing its shape and its lightness.
Bramardi truffles are handcrafted in different flavors with the best raw materials and their dough is worked in the cold stone mill.
Over time selection of handmade chocolates has expanded with delicious news! Like Birichin, a chocolate made by hand by our pastry chefs and gianduia cream!
News 2020 is the panettone praline, with real Piedmontese panettone inside!