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  To complete the range of the most typical Piedmontese products, Gianduiotto Bramardi, an artisan extruded gianduiotto (not poured into the molds), a noble blend of Piedmont IGP hazelnuts and natural ingredients (sugar, milk, ...) cold-ground in the large mill of Stone.

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Gianduiotti in Bulk

Soft chocolate with the typical shape of an inverted boat wrapped in refined red foil. Produced with the artisan extrusion technique that requires...
Sacchetto Gianduiotti
  • -5%
€5.61 €5.91 -5%

Gianduiotti Bag

Elegant transparent bag sealed by a card with the image of the Mole of Turin containing soft gianduiotti. 200 gr pack.

Gianduiotti Case

Cream-colored case with image of the Mole of Turin containing a transparent beehive with 12 gianduiotti. Pack of 96 gr.
Bauletto Gianduiotti
  • -5%
€7.77 €8.18 -5%

Gianduiotti Box

Cream-colored box with image of the Mole of Turin containing a transparent bag with about 25 gianduiotti. 250 gr Pack

Display Case 4 Gianduiotti

Burgundy cardboard display with n. 20 cream-colored cases with an image of the bulk of Turin each containing 4 gianduiotti. Display of 20 cases....