Artisan quality

Our tradition

Our quality is guaranteed by the use of carefully selected raw materials processed with artisan techniques.

Here in the old stone mill we prepare the heart of all the chocolates by mixing cold and grinding slowly with the 2 granite cylinders first the toasted hazelnuts, then the cocoa and sugar.

The result is a paste with a transcendental scent which is then further refined, tanned and tempered to make it velvety and pleasant on the palate.


The Cuneesi, the gianduiotti and the Bramardi truffles are produced by extrusion: the structure of the chocolate is placed on the the production line tape by a nozzle similar to the classic pastry chef pastry bag.

If the balance of the dough is not perfect, the chocolate does not stand; this guarantees the respect of a constant recipe and the result of a not perfect shaped chocolate but a sign of craftsmanship in spite of the industrial ones made with the molds and consequently all the same.

In particular, all this allows us to obtain a Cuneese chocolate with a thin shell that does not cover and hide the goodness of the filling that distinguishes it.