Tartufi al tenero cuore di cioccolato


Praline consisting of a tender chocolate heart dusted in large copper bases with bitter cocoa or powdered sugar.

Available in many delicious variations: dark with cocoa grains, white with nougat grains, with coconut and black, the classic black with hazelnuts grains.

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Elegant transparent bag, sealed with a burgundy raffia bow with pendant, containing white or black or coconut or dark or mixed truffles. 200 gr...

Black truffle: dark chocolate praline and hazelnuts sprinkled with bitter cocoa with flow pack wrapping. White truffle: white chocolate praline...

Black: dark chocolate praline and hazelnut grains sprinkled with bitter cocoa. White: white chocolate praline and nougat sprinkled with icing...

Cardboard display containing truffles with flow pack wrapping. Mixed of white and black truffles. 750 gr pack.