Box " No added sugar" Delights

Elegant gift box containing a selection of our best products with no added sugar:

- 300 g of hazelnut Cuneesi Chocolates with no added sugar,

- Dark gianduiotti bag 200 without added sugar

- Artisanal biscuits with no added sugar

- 100 g dark chocolate bar without sugar

- 100 g milk chocolate bar without sugar.



This gift box is designed for those who want to enjoy all the quality of our handcrafted products without too many feelings of guilt.

In this selection we go from the delicious Cuneo to the sugar-free hazelnut added to the artisanal biscuits prepared by our pastry chefs.

Do not miss the gianduiotti without added sugar, dark with Piedmont IGP hazelnuts and the two proposals of fine artisan chocolate bars.

A box designed to let you taste the Piedmontese confectionery tradition with an extra attention!

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Confezione Delizie - No zuccheri

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